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Terms & Conditions

All agencies provide the users with certain conditions and desires for a signed accord to avert any type of mess later on. The few most important ones are mentioned beneath:

  1. Once you signed for a booking then later-on cancellation will charge a deposit of 50% per person.
  2. The company holds the right to demand for price depending on the nature and destination of your travel.
  3. You have to pay 50 percent of your ticket to the company almost 7 days before your departure.
  4. The cancellation costs you some charges depending on the days left on your trip. For instance, a cancellation before 6 days to your journey will cost you a loss of deposit fees as well as the tour package. So be optimistic while making your decision.
  5. To travel through our services, you need to be registered with the government of India holding a 6-month valid visa and passport.
  6. The price is vulnerable to inflation when the prices of fuels and other necessities are likely to hike.

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