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Our Story

As the Indian travel consultant for trips to India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, Sita offers a diverse portfolio of customized, guided group, charter, and special interest tours. Indian travel consultant's business is supported by full-time market experts who provide first-hand experience advice, warm personalized service, and insightful cultural interpretation to deliver a truly local experience. The ability to secure great prices and terms, a team of guides skilled in revealing the true character of your destination, and strong local infrastructure provide a seamless travel experience. Sustainability is a top priority in Indian travel consultants' practice, and the company's financial strength reassures us.

Our People

The quality of service provided by Sita directly reflects the quality of its employees.


We're proud to deliver experiences created by travel experts for a long.


We love to travel, we love to travel and explore destinations that will help you gain valuable knowledge. We work together to share this passion with you.


We work transparently with Indian travel consultants partners to meet ethical standards. Honesty and honesty are essential to an Indian travel consultant's relationship and should never be compromised.

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